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I am an American Surfski racer currently living in San Diego with my wife, Emily. As current National Champion, my goal for this year is to chase a top finish in international events around the globe and share my experience through my revamped PTX Blog.


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Austin Kieffer

Exploring the world of competitive Surfski racing 

The science of training, the art of surfing, and the experience of racing. This sport is more than just my focus, it's my passion. With this website, my hope is to share the joy of Surfski with as many people as possible.

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January 28, 2017

After putting in a miserably cold first month of training in Seattle, the Hanohano Race in San Diego was a welcome slice of sun and summer weather. The race consisted of an 8.5km flat water short course and a 12.5km ocean long course with only an hour of rest between....

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